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  • Clip-On Compass

    Marathon Clip-On Compass – CO194005-BK

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  • 20 mm Rubber Strap

    WS-RB-**SS-20 – 20 mm Rubber Strap with SS Buckle

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  • GSAR Diver’s Automatic – Arctic

    194006WD – GSAR Diver’s Automatic “Arctic” White Dial

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  • Analog Quartz Wall Clock

    CL030057 – Quartz Wall Clock

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  • 18 mm Bracelet – USMC

    WW005016USMC – 18 mm Bracelet with US Marine Corps Seal

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  • 18 mm Bracelet – US Great Seal

    WW005016US – 18 mm Bracelet with US Great Seal

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  • 20 mm Bracelet – USMC

    WW005005USMC – 20 mm Bracelet with US Marine Corps Seal

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  • 20 mm Bracelet – US Great Seal

    WW005005US – 20 mm Bracelet with US Great Seal

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  • 20 mm Bracelet – Marathon Logo

    WW005005MA – 20 mm Bracelet with Marathon Logo

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  • Pilot’s Navigator – No Date

    194001 – Pilot’s Navigator Without Date

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  • Sale!

    Medium GSAR Automatic – White Dial

    194026-WD – GSAR Diver’s Automatic Medium with White Dial

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  • Sale!

    Medium GSAR Automatic

    194026 – GSAR Diver’s Automatic Medium

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  • General Purpose Quartz Stainless Steel

    194015SS – General Purpose Quartz in Stainless Steel

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  • General Purpose Quartz with Date

    194015 – General Purpose Quartz

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  • Pilot’s Navigator with Date

    194013 – Pilot’s Navigator with Date

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Extreme Adventure and Style with Marathon Watches

Are you looking for a watch that won’t let you down when the going gets tough? A watch that is more of a useful tool than just a pretty accessory? Marathon watches are designed to the most demanding specifications for faultless timekeeping in the harshest environments and the toughest conditions. This is the best watch for diving, adventuring and office work.

All About Marathon Military Watches

The Marathon Watch Company was founded in 1939 and soon thereafter became a trusted supplier of wristwatches to the Allied Forces during World War Two. The company is still the primary supplier of time-pieces to the military of several countries, and it is only recently that their watches have become available to the general public.

  • The watches are designed at the company headquarters in Canada and manufactured by craftsmen in the Marathon factory located in Switzerland, where they have access to the talents of the best watchmakers in the world.
  • The watches are tools to be used every day, and an interesting consequence is that most of their watches are still of the mechanical movement type. The reason is that these watches are immune to electromagnetic blasts, and they do not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Marathon watches have a small self-contained tritium gas tube on each hour marker and hand to ensure constant visibility in low-light situations. Tritium has a half-life of roughly 15 years and lasts longer than normal photo-luminescent paint, requiring an external light source to feed the glow.

Survive With a Marathon Dive Watch

The Marathon divers watches are also known as government search and rescue (GSAR) watches. They are for military personnel performing critical functions under extreme conditions where perfect timekeeping is essential for success. The watches are available in three sizes and sold to the public without government markings, whilst those issued to military personnel have government and branch insignia.

  • All GSAR watches can go to 30 ATM pressure, which translates to water resistance down to 300 metres (1 000 feet). This is more than thrice the safe diving depth without special equipment, but also means that the watch will be fine during salvage work using diving suits.
  • The watches are mostly available as automatic, which uses a Swiss-made, 26 jewel Marathon M2 automatic movement, and quartz, which uses the acclaimed ETA FØ6 high-torque, three jewel quartz movement with end-of-life indicator. Other movements are also used in more specialised variants, like the large bilingual diver’s watch that uses the Swiss-made 25 jewel ETA 2836 automatic mechanical self-winding movement.
  • Watches come with either a stainless steel bracelet strap or a convenient rubber strap. This is simply a matter of initial choice, as the strap type can be changed later without hassles or replaced with the popular NATO straps.

The Marathon Pilot’s Chronograph requires a special mention under this group, as it adds special measurement dials: inner graduations are for 1/5 seconds, as well as decimal 1/100 minute timing, the chronograph sub-registers measure up to 30 minutes and 12 hours, and a central seconds hand shows 1/5 seconds up to 60 seconds.

The Marathon Navigator Watch is the Perfect Companion

The Marathon Military Navigator-Pilot’s Quartz watch is perfect for pilots, parachutists and law enforcement personnel. In general, the look it is more toned down than the divers watches but uses the same movement for precise timekeeping.

  • In designing this watch, Marathon shifted the traditional philosophy away from a watch that can handle extreme pressure to one that can rather keep functioning in the absence of pressure and fast changes. For this reason, the watches are rated to 6 ATM of pressure, so they are water-resistant, but not suitable for aquatic sports.
  • The casing is from light-weight, specialised fibre shell material that is sweat and shock resistant. Similarly, the options for straps are two designs using nylon, as again the emphasis is on keeping the watch as light as possible. Care has also been taken to ensure there are no protrusions that can snag on clothing and cords.

The Marathon General Purpose Watch Keeps You on Time

Whereas the previous two watches are meant for specialised personnel, Marathon introduced a general purpose range of watches for infantry and other military personnel. These watches are extremely durable and designed to provide years of accurate time reporting. The GP watches are available with a mechanical movement or a quartz movement.

  • The Marathon General Purpose mechanical movement type uses a Japanese-made “”Dual Winding Movement”” (DWM) that can be wound either by manually winding the crown or by transferring energy caused by the movement of the wrist to the automatic self-winding rotor. The watch will run for approximately 41 hours when fully wound but will naturally wind itself using the automatic self-winding rotor for almost perpetual timekeeping.
  • The Marathon General Purpose quartz variant of watches uses the same proven movement as the Marathon GSAR watches.
  • The case is made from the same fibre shell as the Navigator series of watches, which ensures that the watch can withstand everyday use and some abuse without breaking. Similarly, nylon straps are standard and can be replaced with NATO straps. All watches are rated to 3 ATM of pressure and are water resistant.

All About Forge Watches

Forge Watches is an importer and reseller of the premier watch brands of the world, focusing on usable watches to be worn anywhere. We are pretty chuffed with offering Marathon watches for sale to adventurous Australians, and any model not listed on our website can be ordered specially for you at no additional cost.

We firmly believe that watches are more than fashion accessories and should always fit their intended use and wearer. To this end, we offer a personalised service where we will gladly chat with you and provide suggestions on the best watch at the best price that will give you years of satisfaction and perfect time any day. We can also assist with the service and repair of any watch of which we sell the brand.

Contact us if you cannot decide which Marathon automatic watch to order.