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    Seiko 5 – SRPG39K

    Seiko 5 Field – Blue Dial with Black Leather

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  • Seiko 5 – SRPG37K

    Seiko 5 Field – Black Dial with Black NATO

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  • Seiko 5 – SRPG33K

    Seiko 5 Field – Green Dial with Green NATO

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  • Seiko 5 – SRPG29K

    Seiko 5 Field – Blue Dial with Steel Bracelet

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  • Seiko 5 – SRPG27K

    Seiko 5 Field – Black Dial with Steel Bracelet

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  • Seiko 5 – SRPE55K

    Seiko 5 Sports – Black Dial

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  • Seiko 5 – SRPD65K

    Seiko 5 Sports – Hardened Steel, Black Dial and Bezel

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  • Seiko 5 – SRPD63K

    Seiko 5 Sports – Green Dial and Bezel

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    Seiko 5 – SRPD53K

    Seiko 5 Sports – Blue Dial and Pepsi Bezel

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    Seiko 5 – SRPD51K

    Seiko 5 Sports – Blue Dial and Bezel

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Discovering Your new Favourite Accessory with Seiko Watches

When it comes to choosing a timepiece that suits your closet, which you can wear daily, and that is reliable yet affordable, we recommend browsing our selection of Seiko watches. Originating from Japan, these instruments have been a staple of many watch connoisseurs for close to 150 years – and do not show signs of stopping any time soon. Like the namesake company, we believe in quality and craftsmanship and only provide timepieces that exceed the standard. Even though we promote the functionality of all the watches we offer, we are still very much in tune with the times and remain conscious about aesthetics.

Why You Should Buy Seiko Watches in Australia

We all know how beautiful our country is, but one can’t forget how ruthless and unforgiving it can also be. This is the reason why we only stock timepieces that are up to the challenge and that can handle any task that is thrown at them. From desolate deserts, bubbling marshlands to ice-cold ocean waters, we recommend the Seiko 5 range for when the road ahead looks a bit rocky. We especially trust this range because:

  • Unlike other modern timepieces, the ‘five’ range is less bulky, rather opting for a sleek and timeless look. By focusing on making the watches more comfortable to wear, they are perfect for any occasion, even when you have to attend a wedding after hitting the surf.
  • The Seiko 5 sports range is extremely tough and boasts water resistance of up to 100m. By taking your timepiece anywhere, you will not have to worry about leaving your instrument in the car or at home because it was meant for adventure.
  • Utilising stainless steel, this range is made to last you a lifetime. Able to resist scratching, harsh climates and wear, stainless steel timepieces are the best companions when you lead an active lifestyle.

Common Mistakes People Make When They Buy Seiko Watches

Since we work with timekeeping instruments every day, we encourage our customers to ask questions and enquire about how these incredible mechanisms function, especially when debunking myths. Because many luxury timepiece brands tend to associate themselves with sophistication, people forget that these same brands have been around for decades, servicing most tradesman and industries around the world. By thinking that their watches are fragile and not meant for adventure, many individuals treat their instruments like fine-bone China, rather than a tool that you should use to aid your explorations. When buying a Seiko with a NATO strap remember:

  • The Seiko 5 NATO strap consists of a tear and break-resistant material that allows you to take your instrument anywhere. In addition to being hardy and tensile, the strapping comes in a variety of different colours, which you can choose from and easily change at will.
  • The entire five range consists of automatic movements, meaning that you will not have to change the batteries ever again. The automatic movement ensures that as long as you are moving, your watch will be running just as smoothly due to the internal movement.
  • The ‘five’ range does not only consist of military-style timepieces but also has a few Seiko Pepsi bezel models at your disposal. With the name stemming from the iconic beverage’s blue and red colour-way, these timepieces sport an interesting and professional look that has its roots in seafaring, diving and exploration.

What You Should Know About the Seiko Bezel

Although a common feature among many timepiece brands and style, not many people know how to use bezels properly. Usually made from metal or ceramic, this feature can be found on the outer edge of your timepiece’s face and normally has numbers that run along the ring. Bezels serve a variety of functions that are meant to aid their owner with keeping, clocking and measuring time and distance. These functions would have been essential to explorers in the past, as they could get their bearings when undertaking tasks or missions in unknown settings. Some of the different types of bezels include:

  • Tachymeters. Tachymeters, or tachometers, are a non-rotating style of bezels that are among the most common gauges. One can employ this scale to measure speed and distance, but this is easier said than done as you might have to pull out the trusty old calculator for more complex and accurate calculations.
  • Pulsometers. Initially made for doctors before modern medicine, a pulsometer aids medical professionals to measure a patient’s pulse, or heartbeat, more accurately. By starting the chronograph, doctors could count the number of heartbeats in a certain amount of time and estimate what their patients’ pulses were before electronic devices were the norm. By multiplying the number of beats in a 10-second span, you can estimate the beats per minute, for example.
  • Telemeters. One of the more interesting bezels, people tend to mistake the telemeter scale for a tachymeter due to looking quite similar. A telemeter is an impressive feature, as you can measure the distance between a visible object and an audible noise, by measuring the amount of time it takes for sound to reach you. The estimation of distance is usually given in kilometres.

Why Trust Forge Watches Regarding Seiko Watches for Men

Since opening our doors, we have been a leading timepiece supplier and stockist, delivering quality and affordable brands to our loyal customers. By giving our clients access to timepieces that they will wear, we form part of your daily life and trade. Not only do we stock some of the most well-known brands, but we also provide you with a wide variety of timepiece accessories and services. Our mission is to express your individuality and style by helping you get instrument that suits your lifestyle best. Forge Watches operates as a one-stop-shop, as we cater to timepiece services and repairs, where we can attempt to resurrect your forgotten or struggling timepieces with help from our competent staff. Because we only work with certified individuals, your timepiece’s warranty can still be eligible in Australia, but in the case that it does not qualify, we can send your instrument directly to the manufacturers for further investigation and remediation.

We are confident that we stock the timepiece of your dreams, so feel free to take a look around. The next time you would like to buy a buy Seiko in Australia, make sure to contact us for any queries or questions on how to maintain your new purchase.