About Us

At Forge Watches we want to provide a local option for those looking for more unique and often distinguished brands. There is a great selection of watches available around the world, far more than what you might find at the local jewelers. When people shop for a new watch, we feel disappointed that there are so many great, often better options available that can get overlooked. It’s just a matter of connecting the two. We offer brands that we believe in and trust. While the store may be starting small, we will always be working to increase our range of products from new manufacturers and suppliers.

In order to provide our customers with the best consultation, support and options that we can, we believe in old fashioned customer service. No matter the time, or the day of the week, someone real will respond to your email or call. At Forge Watches, we strive to provide all our customers with a personal shopping experience.



If there is an item produced by one of our great suppliers but not listed on our website, please contact us. Chances are we can have the product shipped to Australia for you at a great price.




We want to be competitive and we want to be able offer our clients a great experience. If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to get in touch. We might not have a storefront yet, but we try to make online shopping as real as you like.



Forge Watches has access to watch makers in Australia that can service and repair all of our watches. Some of our brands allow their warranty work to be carried out here in Australia too. In all other cases we can send the watch to the manufacturer for assessment. Please see our contact us page or email us at service@forgewatches.com

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