Marathon 20 mm Rubber Strap with SS Buckle


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Product Overview

20 mm Rubber Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle

20mm Rubber Strap to suit GSAR Search & Rescue Dive Watches and variants (WW194006 & WW194007)

High end gum-elastic rubber straps made in Italy for Marathon. These same straps are the standard issue for the GSAR range but would suit any 20 mm lug width. The rubber has a vanilla scent added during manufacturing which gives it a pleasant smell.

*NOTE: The rubber strap includes a shoulder-less spring bar that is compatible with watches that have drilled lugs from the outside. If your watch does not have drilled through lugs, then replace the spring bars in the strap ends with shouldered spring bars, so they can be easily removed from lugs that are not drilled through.

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